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The Ernst Grube sports hall is a class listed monument. The parquet floor was necessary to replace because of the age and the temporary use as emergency accommodation for refugees. The daily newspaper "Leipziger Volkszeitung" ( article-german ) and the professional journal "Stadionwelt" ( article-german) has reported about the operations the IST Leipzig dit at place.


Together with the hermann elektronik GmbH the IST has developed a new ball reflection measurement device based on acoustics principles. The device can be purchased from IST. Detailed technical specifications are described in the attached document.
Technical parameters


The city of Kassel is preparing for the athletics championships intensive. The IST is part of this. Please read the attached article of the Hessische/Niedersächsische Allgemeine Zeitung from July 19th 2011.
Press information (German)


At the 21th of October 2010 will take place the seminar with the theme “Synthetic turf – quality assured and in high quality” at the SKZ Würzburg, Our own experiences which we achieved during tests and with the used test-equipment, we will communicate with our presentation “Requirements and tests”.


We will participate at the seminar artificial turf of the newest generation at 14th of october 2009 in Würzburg and give a short presentation about requirements and tests acc. to DIN V 18035 T 7, DIN EN 15330-1 and FIFA Quality concept. To view the seminar flyer (German version only) please follow the link:


Accreditation procedure according DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 successful finished. To view the certificate please follw the link:


We have carried out the first tests at impact-resistant walls in vertical position. In the new build hall of sports in the Bardoschule of Fulda our new developed testing device did an excellent job.


DIN CERTCO introduced a new program for the evaluation of impact-resistant walls. Therefore our new developed device form the basis. For more information about the program please follw the link: http://www.dincertco.de/de/presse/past_news/details/fuer_mehr_sicherheit_im _sport_.html


The IST works active of the International Association of Sports Surface Sciences ISSS. In December 2006 with the paper "Filters in Artificial Athlet Berlin Determination of Force Reduction" we published our experience and results with the AA Berlin.

The paper is available at: http://www.isss.de/publications/ArtificialAthlete/KSFilters%20in%20AA%20Berlin%202006%20111206.pdf


New Field Test Institute for the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf

FIFA are pleased to announce that IST Leipzig will become a FIFA field test institute as part of the FIFA Quality Concept for Football Turf.

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Testing of impact-resistant walls and inbuilt units

Good news for all those who want to put up impact-resistant walls and other units (doors, gates, central control room windows etc.) in sports halls and test the protective function of the same. In the past force reduction could be tested on the lying object only (see photo).

Force reduction tested on a glass element using the "Artificial Athlete 95"

Once put up (vertical position) it has so far been impossible to test the force reduction at site (as it has long been practice with sports floors, for example) because of the lack of suitable testing equipment. We have developed an artificial athlete that is capable of measuring the force reduction in vertical position, too.For the artificial athlete exist patent and registered design protection.

Force reduction measured in built-in impact-resistant walls


ISSS Meeting in Cologne
The annual member meeting of ISSS were held during the fsb in
Cologne. The members elected a new executive board and decided that the next technical meeting will take place in Dresden in autumn 2006.


Architects' seminar in Barsinghausen
A seminar for architects on the subject of artificial turf surfaces was held by Desso DLW Sports Systems at the sports
college of Lower Saxon football association NFV in Barsinghausen on 27th June 2005. As a representative of the German Football Association, DFB, Willi Hink, director of amateur sports and member of the sports-field construction commission, discussed the topic of artificial turf surfaces from the DFB's point of view - the current situation and visions. Our institute contributed by a presentation dealing with "Artificial turf surfaces in accordance with DIN V 18035 Part 7 and FIFA Quality concept - Requirements and Tests" followed by a demonstration of individual measuring techniques.



Testing the safety of a glass wall against ball throwing
High up at 4.40 m to 6.20 m above top level of ground we had to test a glass façade against ball throwing at the new prison in Hünfeld.

GlasfassadePrüfer auf Hebebühne


Trade fair for sports and leisure facilities
The spobau 2005 took place at Pirmasens on 26th and 27th April. The exhibition was complemented by various lectures on sports and leisure facilities, where we, too, made a contribution. In our lecture before a curious audience we spoke about "Indoor and outdoor sports floors - Requirements and Tests".


Certification of IST by DIN CERTCO for impact- walls
In early 2005 we were certified by DIN CERTCO-Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH for testing impact-walls in gyms (Reg. No.


Our first contract in Slovenia
At the beginning of December we were awarded a contract in
Slovenia to test the suitability of different sports floors in accordance with DIN V 18032-2.


STS'2004STS 2004
On 2nd and 3rd November the congress Stadia Turf Summit (STS 2004) was held in
Berlin. The associated exhibition was opened up by Pele and Dieter Hoeness. Our institute also participated in this international exchange of experience.


NyonComparative measurements by international test institutes at UEFA in Nyon
We took part in comparative measurements on artificial turf surfaces where also a new technique for testing the ball rebound behaviour at angles was presented.


Our first contract in the Czech Republic
At the beginning of October we got a contract to test the sports hall of the basketball club Decin in the
Czech Republic.



Testing of a sports hall ceiling for safety against ball throwing
We were commissioned by the
municipality of Leipzig to test the safety against ball throwing of a sports hall in Leipzig-Gruenau. Using the ball-shooting apparatus "Wien" the ball was shot against the ceiling in accordance with DIN 18 032 T3 to determine the safety against ball throwing.



15th Congress of Internationale Akademie für Baeder-, Sport- und Freizeitbauten in Deutschland e.V. (IAB) in Leipzig
In our presentation at this congress we spoke about flooring in sports halls and multi-purpose halls, quality parameters and criteria of use. This presentation can be downloaded as pdf-file both as transparencies and full-text version.
Text format, Presentation


Technical Meeting of the ISSS in Vienna
Experts from different countries met to discuss norm changes and their impact and to exchange experience in the field of testing. Our institute gave a presentation on the measurement of ball bounce.
This presentation is available under: PDF-Document

ISSS Meeting WienISSS Meeting Wien

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