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Sports halls as places to meet and get together should cultivate the sense of comfort and wellbeing but on the other hand also keep in mind the question of safety for the different user groups. One of the most essential features of a sports hall is a resilient floor. The requirements as regards sports flooring are stipulated by strict DIN standards.

This is the point where we get involved. Founded back in January 1992 we are a Leipzig-based independent test institute for indoor and outdoor sports flooring. We provide expert's surveys and check whether the applicable norms and standards were observed. On customer's request we make inspections during construction to determine whether the work meets the requirements laid down by norms and contract. After completion the sports floor is tested by us. By such compliance tests proof is furnished for the owner that the floor has been properly installed and meets the norms and standards. We also help in decision- making when it comes to renovation or repairs and provide relevant expert opinions.

Institut für Sportbodentechnik Leipzig is a member of the International Association for the Sports Surface Sciences (ISSS) and DIN-Normenausschuss Bauwesen NABau "Sportböden" (DIN standards committee for sports floors). We are accredited by RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Sporthallenböden e.V. as test institute for indoor sports floors, by RAL-Gütegemeinschaft Kunststoffbeläge in Sportfreianlagen e.V. for testing artificial turf surfaces and synthetic surfaces (compliance tests) and by DIN CERTCO Gesellschaft für Konformitätsbewertung mbH for testing indoor sports flooring, artificial turf surfaces, synthetic surfaces and impact-walls.

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